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Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Bill Nitschke

Bill Nitschke, Owner, Wonder Wheels BMX

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Rides: Flatland, Street, Dirt & Vert Riding, mini-ramp, emceeing & engineering

Invented: the Whopper (bunnyhop tailwhip), The Rolly Polly (a rolling Gerry Smith Decade), The A Nel intruder (whiplash to rebate locomotive) & some more stuff you’ve never heard of!!! I also think that I helped boost a positive position for our sport to the masses.

First BMX Bike: Team Murray, followed immediately by a candy apple red Redline MXII

Bike he is riding now: Fly Simple and S&M Black Bike

What got him into riding: “Showing off for the masses.”

Who did he start riding with: Perry Mervar, Tony O’Conner, Scott and Craig Swears, Jim Crafton, Steve Mulder

Favorite Riding Spot: Drug Emporium parking lot

Craziest Trick Ever Attempted: “I don’t know, I just always try to go for it.”

Favorite Quotes: see previous answer and “Aaaaaayyy!”, “Owyalldoin’”

There are too many to list. Check with Steve to find out more.

Industry Notes:

I started riding in 1980 and my first public performance was in 1984 for the Governor of Indiana, Robert Orr. Coincidentally, years later I found out that he was a distant relative of mine. My first international competition was in 1988 at the AFA Masters in New Jersey. In 1989, at age 19, I turned pro. That same year I started the premier bike components company called Pulse Products. Our slogan was “ indystructable” We made top of the line components that carried a lifetime guarantee. In 1991 I partnered up with two other riders and changed my company name from Pulse Products to Standard Bike Co. This new company changed the entire freestyle market based on my belief that quality should be more important than quantity. In 1994 I left Standard Bike Co., but I still practice this same belief in all aspects of my life and business. That same year I started a new component company, Indy Industries. After three years of inventing and manufacturing components I decided to change my focus towards performing shows full time. Indy Industries BMX Stunt Shows was started in 1995 and steadily took off to become a full time dream again after two years of hard work and dedication. In 2001 Wonder Wheels BMX was created and has been growing ever since. I have been able to perform BMX stunt shows consistently through out my entire career. For the past twelve years I perform on average 150 – 300 shows annually worldwide. I have worked really hard to get to where I am today. I love what I do and would not want to do anything else. I have committed the last 28 years of my life to this sport and still feel that I have so much more to offer the BMX industry.


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