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Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team Worldwide


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The Flatland Show is our most popular school assembly. It includes 2 professional riders that perform technical tricks on a flat and level surface with 1 grand finale stunt jump off of an 19.5” launch ramp. We defy gravity in a whole new way.
Bill Nitschke

This high adrenaline show is going to leave the students as well as the faculty breathless during our Ramp Show school assembly.  It includes 1 flatland rider and 1 ramp rider that will be using a 5’x 8’x 24’ box jump ramp. This ramp is used to propel the rider up to 15 feet in the air enabling him to perform stunts such as 360’s, superwhips, backflips and bikeflips just to name a few.

The Special Event Show is for any non-school, weekend or holiday event.  This spectacular show will be the highlight of your community event, corporate function, sporting event, state and county fairs, annual festival or private party. Our BMX Special Event Shows include 2 to 4 riders and emcees, performing both flatland and ramp stunts. This package can be customized to fit any of your specific needs. Nothing is to extreme. Let us help you draw a larger audience to your next event!


All school assemlby BMX Stunt Shows include positive messages throughout the presentation. We can customize that message to fit any school assembly or convocation themes. Some theme examples include the following:

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Drug Awareness
  • Anti-Tobacco & Anti-Alcohol
  • Fitness & Healthy Choices
  • Bike & Sports Safety
  • Goal Setting & Attaining Dreams
  • Good Character
  • Testing Motivation

Our long standing professionals convey these messages in an inspiring manner that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Our show provides a unique opportunity to incorporate an encouraging message into a thrilling activity. Our intent for each show is to “Educate Through Entertainment”.

Bill Nitschke, Owner of Wonder Wheels BMX, has been performing BMX stunt shows and school assemblies since 1984. During that time the Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team was created. All team members are well respected professional athletes that take pride in this sport and providing a safe and amazing show each time.


Preplanned school assemblies start at $797.00, however we have a variety of show plans and specials to meet everyone’s budget. No matter what show you choose it is all inclusive. That means we provide all of the equipment for the show.


Book and complete a school assembly between December 1, 2014 and February 28, 2015 to receive our special discount.


RAMP SHOWS:  $1150.00

Prices still not in your school's budget?  We are also offering a ONE MAN FLATLAND SHOW for $500.00. Same amazing message and talent, just 1 less rider.  For more information contact us today.


  1. A performance venue that is flat, level, clean and free of cracks with a minimum dimension of 40’ x 60’ for flatland shows and 40' x 150' with a 20' ceiling for ramp shows.
  2. A 110 volt outlet (this is a standard wall outlet) to plug in our professional P.A. system. The outlet can even be as far away as 100 feet. (Note: If you do not have this capability, please let us know ahead of time. We do have alternate solutions.)
  3. An audience ready for BMX action!

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